• Languages:
    Hindi and English
  • Best Time to Visit:
    September to March
  • Temperature:
    Summer (24°C Min to 47°C Max) & Winter (9°C Min and 24°C Max)
  • Climate: Quite Hot
  • Nearest Railway: Jhansi
  • Nearest Airport: Gwalior

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Orcha is a place bestowed with rural charm situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh near the banks of river Betwa. This amazing town has a number of attractions which the tourists love to explore. The tourists love to discover the village life, monumental charms, pilgrimage charms, arts and crafts and many more things.

One of the most famous tourist attractions is the orcha sanctuary. This sanctuary is almost 25 kilometers long as well as around 15 kilometers wide. The original sanctuary was fully covered with Kardhai and Dhawa trees. In the decade of 1940

Tourist Attractions

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